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A Life-Saving Health Check at THMC Medical Group: Overcoming Severe Coronary Heart Disease

How a tailor-made health check plan helped a 40+ year old male detect and treat his severe coronary heart disease


Regular health checkups are crucial for early detection and treatment of potential health issues. At THMC Medical Group, we strive to provide personalized health check plans tailored to meet the unique needs of our patients. In this testimony, we share the story of a 40+ year old male who came to THMC for a health check plan and discovered a life-threatening condition.

A Surprising Discovery:

Despite enjoying a healthy lifestyle and having no history of smoking, our patient had high cholesterol levels based on previous health checks. His father also had a history of high cholesterol and coronary heart disease, which required stent placement. Given his personal and family medical history, our doctors at THMC recommended blood tests for metabolic risk markers and a CT coronary angiogram.

Uncovering the Hidden Danger:

The test results revealed extremely high cholesterol levels and borderline diabetes mellitus. The CT scan further showed complete blockage of his right coronary artery and partial blockage of two left coronary arteries. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, THMC immediately arranged a cardiologist assessment, and the patient underwent successful surgery the next day.

A Grateful Patient and Family:

The patient and his family expressed immense gratitude to THMC for our attentive care and thorough health check plan. By identifying his severe coronary heart disease in time, a potential major heart attack was averted. The patient is now on medications to prevent the worsening of his condition.


This testimony underscores the importance of regular health checkups and personalized health plans. At THMC Medical Group, we are committed to helping our patients maintain their health and well-being through early detection and treatment of potential health issues. Schedule your tailor-made health check plan with us today to safeguard your future.

40+歲男性。 他想THMC為他度身定制一個健康檢查計劃。

他健康狀況良好, 不吸煙,小量飲酒。 他每週打兩次壁球, 之前的健康檢查顯示膽固醇偏高。 他的父親也有高膽固醇和冠心病,並植入了支架。

他來THMC諮詢,看看哪些體檢適合他。 與醫生商量後,醫生根據他過去的病史和家族史,覺得他有潛在的心臟病風險,建議他除了驗血檢查風險指數如膽固醇、血糖外,醫生還建議他做 CT 心臟冠狀動脈造影。

報告指出,他的膽固醇水平非常高,並且患有邊緣性糖尿病。 他的 CT 掃描顯示右冠狀動脈完全阻塞,另外,左側2條冠狀動脈也出現阻塞。 THMC 安排了緊急心臟專家評估,並於第二天幫病人進行手術。

病人和他家人非常感謝我們的建議和照顧,覺得能避免嚴重的心臟病是非常幸運。 他現在正在服用藥物以防止他的冠心病惡化。


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