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A Life-Changing Routine Checkup: Overcoming Kidney Cancer

The Unexpected Discovery

At 40 years old, Mr. Wong, a successful businessman, never expected the results of a routine body check at THMC Medical Group to change his life. He had always enjoyed good health, didn't drink or smoke, and had no prevailing family history of major illnesses. Little did he know, a simple checkup would lead to the detection of kidney cancer.

Uncovering the Hidden Mass

The body check at THMC Medical Group involved comprehensive blood tests and an abdominal ultrasound. Much to his surprise, the reports revealed a 5cm mass in his left kidney. To further investigate the mass, Mr. Wong was referred for an MRI scan, which confirmed the presence of kidney cancer.

Seeking Expert Intervention

Upon the diagnosis, the medical professionals at THMC referred Mr. Wong to a skilled urologist. The specialist decided to perform a laparoscopic surgery to remove the cancerous mass. Fortunately, the pathology report indicated that it was Stage 1 kidney cancer, meaning the excision surgery would suffice as treatment.

A Cancer-Free Journey

Thanks to the early detection and prompt intervention, Mr. Wong didn't require chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. The successful surgery allowed him to return to his normal, healthy life. Now, five years later, Mr. Wong remains cancer-free and is grateful for that life-changing routine checkup at THMC Medical Group.

黃先生,40+歲商人。 他的家人帶他來THMC醫療中心進行例行身體檢查。

他過去身體健康記錄良好,不喝酒也不抽煙,家族史也很好。 他的身體檢查包括驗血和腹部超聲檢查。 報告顯示他的左腎有一個 5 厘米的腫塊。 然後,THMC轉介他做 MRI 掃描以進一步檢查腫塊,結果顯示他確診腎癌。 我們轉介他給泌尿科醫生,專科醫生用微創手術切除了癌腫塊。 病理報告顯示是一期腎癌,因此,手術切除即可治療。 他不需要任何化療和放射性治療。 過去5 年他的腎癌沒有復發,現在過著正常健康的生活。


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