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一位30多歲的女性在THMC Medical Group進行了年度例行體檢。她患有抑鬱症和高膽固醇,獨居於香港。為了全面照顧她的健康,她選擇了THMC的「全面健康檢查計劃」,包括血液檢查和乳房超聲檢查。


了解她的情況,THMC Medical Group的同事給予了安慰和支持。透過WhatsApp密切關注她的狀況並提供協助。幸運的是,發現的乳腺癌為1A期,手術非常成功,恢復順利,無需接受化療。

病人回到THMC Medical Group進一步跟進她的乳房情況,並對能夠及早發現乳腺癌並得到及時治療表示感激。她非常感謝THMC團隊的照顧和醫療建議,將這次經歷視為她人生中的幸運。

這個故事凸顯了定期健康檢查和全面健康檢查計劃對於及早發現和治療潛在健康問題的重要性。THMC Medical Group致力於為每個患者提供個性化的醫療服務,讓您的健康得到最好的照顧。

30+ female came to THMC Medical Group for routine annual body check.

She had depression and high cholesterols. She lives in Hong Kong alone. She came for the Comprehensive Health Check plan that includes blood tests and a breast ultrasound.

Breast ultrasound found a 7mm right breast lump with suspicious features of cancer. Further test with Mammogram confirmed the lump a high chance of a breast cancer. The 7mm right breast lump cannot be felt by the hand.

The patient was very depressed to hear the bad news. She felt helpless as she was new to Hong Kong and her family was not here. Knowing her situation, THMC Medical Group staff comforted her and gave her support. We closely followed up her progress with WhatsApp. Good news was it was a Stage 1A breast cancer. Surgery was successful and recovery was smooth. Chemotherapy was not needed.

She came back to us to monitor her breasts. She felt lucky that the breast cancer was found out early and was given immediate treatment. She thanked us for our care and medical advice.


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